Another Christmas Present: Mikkeller Selection

Besides the beer club membership I got, naturally I also made sure to get some Christmas presents for myself – and yesterday they arrived:


So, beer geek readers: would you rather have the previously-mentioned 20 bottles or the 4 you see here? Bear in mind that the 20 bottles will be free in this almost-imaginary scenario, whereas you’ll have to pay around £50 for the Mikkeller selection (the first 20 bottles from the beer club retails for a competitive £40 or thereabouts, if memory serves).

So which one would you prefer? Or is that a trick question?

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  1. I’d have the MIkkeller selection, hands down! You can’t put a price on great beer! 😉

  2. Being a Mikkeller fan and not so keen on the english stuff (yet!) I’d definitely go with the four bottles. If I have the energy I’ll check out some reviews over on ratebeer or beeradvocate to see if there are any hidden gems among the brits and make the decision based on that.

    Real answer: I’ve got a beer budget big enough so I choose ALL the beers!

  3. Yes, “All of the above” is clearly the appropriate choice. A note: I might have got the last commercially-available bottle of Nelson Sauvignon in Europe as it was the last in stock at If you know any other place that stocks it, please let me know – even at around £16-17 it’s worth it, it’s one of the hands-down best beers I’ve had in recent years.

    • Gordon McKenzie

      Clearly this reply is very late, but BrewDog Glasgow (£20) has some as does Mikkeller bar (or they did in May). You can get it to go at both. Agreed on it being fantastic. I got bottles of both the 2009 and 2011 last December from Mikkeller. Had the former last New Year and am saving the latter for this year.

  4. Don’t know which vintage I have but I also realized a short while ago Mikkeller makes this every year, so it’s not as impossible to get as I thought.

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