Open It! on Feb 24-26

Just came across the Open It! initiative over at Pencil and Spoon and BeerReviews – I’ve never heard of this before but it’s a great idea and I am immediately an enthusiastic supporter! The idea is that over the weekend of Feb 24-26, you go to your beer cellar, and simply open some of those bottles you’ve saved for a special occasion. That special occasion is now (or rather, Feb 24-26)! Beer is for drinking, after all.

My own beer cellar is growing almost daily and it’s beginning to feel rather silly to have all this beer and not drink it. I’ve always been a collector (stickers, comics, little metal miniatures, little plastic miniatures, Federal Writers’ Project American Guide Series – you name it) so the impulse is hard to resist. When I read on RateBeer about the travails of people trying to get hold of limited-release beers like Goose Island Bourbon County in its various forms, part of me thinks the whole thing is ridiculous, but an even larger part of me wishes I was there at the beer shop with them, getting a few bottles for myself. So I need something like Open It! for therapeutic purposes – learning to let go, and all that.

I’m already planning what to drink (I have a 2010 Goose Island Bourbon County Coffee Stout that I’ve probably saved for too long anyway, and some other stuff as well) – how about you? And remember, if you decide to share your Open It! brews on Twitter, the hashtag is #openit (duh!). More reminders about the Open It! weekend will follow as we near the date. In the meantime, let me know if you have something special in your cellar that you’re looking forward to drinking.



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  1. I’m good at opening my more rare stuff. I usually only keep stuff lying around if I want to share it with others or if I intend to age it for some time. I guess I’ll open a bottle of My Name is Ingred or Black Tokyo Horizon.

  2. Done deal! Kernel Double Black IPA reday for the hatchet 🙂

  3. Cheers for the tip off. I’ll definitely be getting involved.

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