A package from Holmfirth

If you read my last post, you’ll know that I’m not drinking any (alcoholic) beer for this month. But, as I also said in my last post, that doesn’t mean I can’t buy beer. So I ordered a case from Summer Wine Brewery, very much one of the breweries of the moment – so far I’ve tried their Diablo IPA, their Lime & Coriander Saison, and their Teleporter Ten Malt Porter, and I’ve liked them all. Their mail order service is swift: I ordered the bottles on the 12th and had them delivered after the weekend, on the 17th.

From left to right, you have their Cohort Double Black Rye Belgian IPA, KopiKat Imperial Coffee Vanilla Stout, Reaper Red IPA, Diablo IPA, Maelstrom Double IPA, and the Teleporter Ten Malt Porter. The perceptive of you will note that one bottle of the Teleporter is missing; I gave this to my father-in-law and it got his resounding approval. I can’t wait to have mine!

Also: If you are in London, there are quite a number of Summer Wine beers on tap at the Craft Beer Company at the moment. Head over and have a taste – this is one brewery that lives up to the hype!


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