Exclusive: Brodie’s Beer List for the CBC

Another thing I got from the interview with James Brodie yesterday was a bit of a scoop – sure, a small and specialized scoop, but a scoop nonetheless: the list of beers Brodie’s is bringing to the Copenhagen Beer Celebration! You saw it here first, folks. Here’s the full list, with some comments:

On keg:

  • Hoxton Special IPA (ABV 6.6) – A quite sweet, fruity/citrusy IPA, highly drinkable.
  • Dalston Black IPA (ABV 7.0) – A “big fruit” black IPA, one of the better examples of the genre I’ve tasted!
  • Hackney Red IPA (ABV 6.1) – A malty IPA with a tiny whiff of smoke – very flavourful yet very balanced, possibly my fave Brodie’s IPA.
  • Simcoe for Breakfast (around 10 ABV) – A breakfast stout heavily hopped with Simcoe.
  • Romanov Whisky Barrel Aged (Jameson) (around 10 ABV) – I’ve had the Rioja barrel-aged version of this Imperial Stout, and it had wonderful complexity and depth of flavour. I imagine it will be just as interesting with some Irish whisky notes.
  • MoFo Stout (ABV 10.1) – This is the Mikkeller collaboration brew, an imperial stout brewed with liquorice and fresh cranberries. Sounds yummy!
  • Pink IPA (ABV ?) – This is going to be an Aussie-style IPA with Centennial, Citra and Columbus, with some fresh raspberries added, mostly for colour. The first pink IPA ever?
  • Kiwi IPA (ABV around 7) – Brodie’s have previously done a low-ABV (3.8) bitter/pale ale with NZ hops, but for CBC they’re brewing a bigger IPA version.

On cask:

  • Awesomestow IPA (ABV 7.1) – First brewed for Brodie’s own festival at their Old Coffee House pub, this is a West Coast IPA with lots of tropical fruit flavours and resiny hops.
  • Old Street Pale (ABV 5.3) – An American Pale Ale, apparently on the smoother side of the spectrum.

So there you have it, folks. I’m pretty excited about all of these beers and I think they present a very good cross-section of Brodie’s offerings. The only thing I’m possibly missing is an ABV 3-4 session beer, something I know Brodie’s also does well, but perhaps an extreme beer festival like CBC is not the best forum for that… Anyway, all of you going to CBC: make sure to come to the Brodie’s stall – they’re a world-class brewery and this will be a unique chance to sample their beers outside the UK!

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