A Taste of Sweden

Nils Oscar Coffee Stout. Yum!

I would normally be reluctant to plug particular beer shop sites on the blog (I use several of them and they all have their strengths and weaknesses), but this I feel has the character of a public service message. I’ve remarked before that I’m sorry Swedish craft beer is not widely available (or available at all) in the UK, so I was very pleased to discover that Beers of Europe had a number of beers from renowned Swedish craft brewery Nils Oscar among their new releases for May. EDIT: just found out that BeerRitz also have the same Nils Oscar beers in stock. Nils Oscar was founded in 2006 which makes it quite an established player on the Swedish craft beer scene. They’re based in Nyköping, around 60 miles southwest of Stockholm, and they also have a distillery where they produce small-batch, craft aqvavit.

Their beers currently available from Beers of Europe and BeerRitz are:

  • Nils Oscar Barleywine (ABV 10.4) – Haven’t tried this one.
  • Nils Oscar Coffee Stout (ABV 6.4) – A totally decent coffee stout, very drinkable.
  • Nils Oscar Ctrl Alt Delete (ABV 4.5) – A German-style Altbier, the most recent release from Nils Oscar. Haven’t tried it yet.
  • Nils Oscar God Lager (ABV 5.3) – A Dortmunder-style lager, good for the style – and you can get this at Waitrose, too!
  • Nils Oscar Hop Yard IPA (ABV 7.3) – Nils Oscar’s contribution to the “hop bomb” IPA style, and it’s a damn fine one. This is a five-star beer that holds up very well against international competition.
  • Nils Oscar Imperial Stout (ABV 7.0) – Haven’t tried this one.
  • Nils Oscar India Ale (ABV 5.3) – A slightly “weaker” IPA but packs a great punch for the ABV, another top-class release.
  • Nils Oscar Kalasöl (ABV 5.2) – An Oktoberfest Märzen on the darker, somewhat sweeter side of the style. Perhaps not for everyone but I really like it.
  • Nils Oscar Rökporter (ABV 5.9) – Together with the Hop Yard IPA and the India Ale, this smoked porter is probably my favourite Nils Oscar.

If you end up buying any of these, please do let me know what you think!


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  1. Nils Oscar are truely a good brewery. There Barley Wine is among my favorite beers. Specialy when it has got a good 12-18 months in the cellar to calm down a bit. Both the Rökporter and the Coffe Stout are really good and I can only agree to what you wrote about Hopyard IPA

  2. Thx for the comment, Uffe – sounds like I definitely have to try the Barleywine!

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