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Pizza Port Tap Takeover @ Cask

Here’s my terrible confession about the Pizza Port Tap Takeover at Cask Pub & Kitchen recently: I was a bit disappointed. The service at Cask, normally excellent, was a bit spotty on the night – at one point I saw four staff members walking about behind the bar, not one of them taking orders, from me or anyone else. In their defense, the place was busier than usual. So there was that. Then there was the beer. Pizza Port has been getting a lot of hype in Europe recently – but if you look at RateBeer (as a yardstick, not the final word), Pizza Port actually has relatively few top-ranked beer these days. Most that reach our shores come from the Carlsbad branch (Pizza Port is a brewpub/restaurant “chain” of sorts with four locations in Southern California) but if I got it correctly there was also a few from one of the other branch available, not sure which one. Anyway – I don’t think they’re as hyped in the US as they actually are here. And I don’t think they’ve actually earned that hype either.

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